The Problem With the Liberty Dollar

I’m not going to talk about their underlying quest to end the Federal Reserve (with which I wholeheartedly agree), or about their multi-site raid by the FBI last year where all of their current inventory and all of the metals backing the Liberty Dollar warehouse receipts (paper currency) were confiscated.  No, I’m not going to talk about any of their politics or their legal troubles; what I am going to [...]

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ATARI: What’s in a name?

I have long been fascinated with self-given names, and the effect they have on the entity being named. Having grown up with my roots firmly planted in the computer security underground, I regularly met and dealt with people identified only by their self-given handles (pseudonyms). I soon began to notice that many of these people seemed to embody traits and mannerisms that coincidentally aligned with the character assumptions and mental [...]

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The Information Security Industry is like the War on Drugs

After reading this article regarding the state of the IDS/IPS market and how IDS systems still and will likely have their niche, I was reminded of the common problem that plagues both Information Security and the War on Drugs; the majority of the focus is on detection and policing rather than on prevention and treatment, the former of which is usually an expensive, time-consuming, and futile battle. […]

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The VoIP Toll Shift

One of the promises of VoIP is it’s cost-effectiveness. By overlaying the new breed of telephony networks on top of our existing data networks and the Internet, thereby leveraging a transport mechanism that we’re already maintaining and paying for, we rid ourselves of the high toll charges imposed on us by the traditional telephony services by allowing end-users to call each other, regardless of the distance, essentially for “free.” And [...]

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