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CSI-SX 2008

April 30, 2008

CSI-SX is the new branding for the CSI NetSec conference, which is co-located with Interop Las Vegas, and is essentially the security-focused portion of the overall conference. As with the annual CSI conference, this conference targets a different demographic than I’m used to speaking for as the attendance is usually comprised of very large enterprise and government employees and I usually speak for conferences targeted at the research and hacker communities.

The night before the first day of conference sessions a speaker reception was held which I attended. I met a number of people from the conference staff whom I had not met before as well as a few of the other speakers. Surprisingly I was well-received by this crowd, even with my spiked green hair, which I’m sure they don’t see a lot of at this type of conference.

Below are my thoughts on the couple of talks I was able to attend.


ToorCon Seattle 2008

April 22, 2008

The ToorCon organization puts on some of the best conferences in my opinion, and this last weekend was version 1.0 of their Seattle conference (beta was last year, which I also attended). Friday night was entirely 5-minute lightning talks and then Saturday was entirely 20-minute turbo talks. Sunday was workshops, which unfortunately I could not attend since I had to fly back to Austin mid-day. Last year was invite only and if you were there last year you received a coupon code for a discounted rate this year ($300), otherwise it was a little expensive to attend ($1000). Overall there were a number of excellent speakers with excellent content.

Due to the sheer number of talks (and I did see all of them), I’ll only cover the ones I found most interesting below: