Mnemonic Password Formulas

A research paper that I recently authored entitled Mnemonic Password Formulas was published on Monday in Uninformed Journal Vol. 7. It's essentially some research that I've done on the deficiencies in existing methods for memorability and manageability of passwords as well as documentation of a new method for the same that I've termed "Mnemonic Password Formulas", or "MPFs", that I have been developing for my own personal use over the [...]

ToorCon Seattle (Beta)

ToorCon Seattle (Beta) in Seattle was a new experiment by the ToorCon folks. It was essentially an informal and free invite-only conference, total attendance numbering around 150, with a single track of speakers each having 20 minutes to speak on their current (and potentially in-progress) research. The format was very similar to the format that the AHA! meetings take, so I was right at home speaking there. The conference talks [...]

BlueHat v5

BlueHat v5, held at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, is Microsoft’s own little hacker conference. It’s an invite only conference, however I was able to get an invite through a colleague. Normally I wouldn’t be interested in a Microsoft-centric security conference, as the large majority of my research targets have nothing to do with Microsoft products, but I was going to be in town during BlueHat anyway due to a [...]

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TippingPoint DVLabs Website

Apparently, my employer launched the new TippingPoint DVLabs website when I wasn't looking. Click through and check it out, it's pretty slick. Not only do they have bios of all the team members, but each member page pulls data from all the other areas of the site like upcoming and published advisories, appearances, blog posts, etc. in an aggregated list specific to that team member. And of course, the site [...]