AHA! 0x0006

I am continually impressed by both the quantity and quality of speakers we have at our Austin Hackers Anonymous (AHA!) meetings every month. This last meeting was our 7th technical meeting and we had no less than 10 individual speakers with anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes each, each with something unique and interesting to talk about. The variety of subject matter was simply astounding. I'm truly grateful to be [...]

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ShmooCon 2007

Early last Friday morning I flew out of DFW on my way to D.C. for ShmooCon.  I arrived in D.C. at noon after the pilot of my plane aborted the first landing and had to make a second approach. I forgot just how difficult the approach is flying into Reagan National Airport. If I recall correctly planes must maintain a minimum altitude and have to make an odd approach all [...]

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EUSecWest 2007

During the first 3 hour leg of my trip, I finished the slides for my talk. During the second, 8 hour leg of my trip, I managed to sleep for about 5 of them. I arrived at 7 am local time, took an hour to get through customs and get my baggage, another hour to take the train from the airport to the hotel area, and another two hours for [...]

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