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AHA! 0x0001

September 30, 2006

Last wednesday we had our second AHA! technical meeting at the Austin Public Library. For anyone that didn’t know, the various branches of the APL have meeting and conference rooms available for use by the public if you can prove a non-profit status.

So far I’m really happy with the format of the meetings being a bunch of “turbo-talks” (presentations under 15 minutes in length). Not only does it keep me from getting bored but there’s always a wide range of things that people are talking about so there’s usually something for everyone.

We’ve recently put up a wiki site to hold slide decks from some of the talks at the meetings and short descriptions of the talks. Check it out if you’re interested in finding out what we’ve been talking about or want the details for the next meeting.

ToorCon 8 Speaker Lineup Changes

September 26, 2006

Apparently, some time a couple weeks ago, the ToorCon speaker schedule was updated. I’m now no longer up against Chris Eagle, but am now up against spoonm speaking about reversing with Ruby. I don’t know if this change will help or hurt my talk’s attendance… Both of them are excellent speakers with excellent topics, and my topic really is kinda blah unless your a telephony geek. I may end up speaking to a mostly empty room…

ToorCon 8

September 6, 2006

I’ve been accepted to speak at ToorCon 8 later this month. My presentation is entitled “VoIP Attacks!” and will briefly cover some VoIP basics, various attacks against VoIP systems that are currently relevant, and then discuss mitigation techniques against those attacks and why many of the mitigation techniques have problems.